Do you ship overseas?

Currently we are shipping within the United Sates. Shipping costs will apply, and will be added at checkout.

How long will it take to get my order?

Typically products ship within 1-4 business days from order.

What shipping carriers do you use?

Case quantity and smaller orders are shipped typically by UPS while larger pallet/container orders are shipped by common freight carriers.


How much fuel additive should I use in my diesel engine?

Primrose 5007 Fuel Additive Example: That will depend on the product you choose to use. Each product has a recommended dosage listed on the label and on the TDS which is located under each product in the Technical Data tab.

1:1000 is 1 Gallon of additive to 1,000 Gallon of existing product. ***QT = 1 QT to 250 Gal for Maintenance

There is 128Oz in a Gal so on smaller application, one could say 128OZ to 1,000Gal or 12.8 to 100Gal or 1.28oz. to 10Gal. Each is a breakdown of the same dosage mix.

1:250 is 1 Gal to 250 Gal or 128Oz to 1 Gal or 12.8Oz to 25Gal. *** Qt = 1 QT to 65 Gal for First Tank.

Primrose 5007 Diesel Fuel Additive, for example, can be used at 1:250 for first tank and then could go to 1:1000 for future maintenance tanks or even 1:2000 ( ***QT to 500 Gal) if achieving desires results and want to cut the dosage cost a little more while still achieving benefits for the fuel system service life.

What is the dose cost?

If price is the leading factor, then it is important to know the mix ratio in order to calculate a cost per gallon to obtain your dosing cost. Let's take a product that cost $20.00 vs how many gallons it will treat. Dosing cost per gallon below:

Others Treat 100 Gal = dosing $.20/gal

Primrose Treat 250 Gal = dosing $.08/gal

Primrose Treat 500 Gal = dosing $.04/gal

Compare our product dose cost to fuel mileage improvements, extended service life and reduced down time for a winning decision.

Currently buying fuel additive at $15/qt, why pay $23/qt?

This is a great question. Primrose is 105 year old manufacturer of premium products. Some competitors have products that treat only 100 Gal/qt for $11.00. Let's look deeper at that dose cost vs Primrose 5007 & Primrose 405C:

Competitor Treat Rate 100Gal/qt at $11 = $0.15/Gal

Primrose 5007 250Gal/qt at $23 = $0.09/Gal

Primrose 405C 500Gal/qt at $25 = $0.05/Gal

ASJ Products would save you $0.02 per gallon with 5007 and $0.06 per gallon with 405C vs the competitor in this example while providing the additional benefits of a premium product.

What is the difference in 5007 and 5002?

The Primrose 5000 Series of products are a premium fuel system additive. Short answer is they treat the fuel system the same. Exhaust system improvement and performance are higher with 5007 as it has a higher Cetane improvement. 5002 is manufactured in bulk 5 Gal or larger dispensers only.


Can I order other Primrose products not displayed on the website?

Yes. Primrose ( has many products available and all can be purchased through ASJ Products. Please send us an email with your request and let's discuss your needs.

What is Cetane in diesel fuel and why is it important?

Simply put, Cetane is a chemical compound found naturally in diesel, and it ignites easily under pressure. It serves as the industry-standard measure for evaluating fuel combustion quality.

Specifically, this measure is referred to Cetane Number (CN). A higher CN provides a more complete burn for optimal power and cleaner exhaust emissions.

United States has a minimum Cetane requirement of 40CN (USA -ASTM D975) . As one increases the CN, the better burn of the fuel in the system, cleaner emissions, fewer regenerators on Tier 4, etc..

Note: Many use Points or Index vs CN. Raising 9 Points is roughly equivalent to raising 0.9 CN. Be informed to make the best decision for your application. Primrose 5007 fuel additive offered by ASJ Products raise CN by 4 Numbers (40 Points) for optimal performance with todays fuels in the USA.

Grease is grease, right?

We start with the best base stock of Paraffinic Oil, since you have to start with the best base to make the best grease.

Primrose 327 and Primrose 357 are both rated for high temp and have liquid soluble Moly-D.

Moly-D, our friction reducing agent/protector, will not settle out as others that use a powder type option. Our products provide the best protection and lubricous surface for all your grease applications.

Customers experience a consumption reduction of 30% or more with these products.

What grease should I use in my automated system?

Primrose 357 Armor Plate w/ Moly-D makes a great selection for most typical applications. The oil soluble Moly-D will not clog your grease system as others utilizing a powder form. 357 also maintains a constant pumpability during cold and warm swings so the pressure system delivers the correct amount of grease each time. We also have 311 in NGLI # 00, #0, #1, and #2 as well as 777 in NGLI #0 and #2 to meet your needs.