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400P Protectolube 4000 - Penetrating Oil

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PROTECTOLUBE® 4000 was developed for the U.S. Defense (War) Department in the early 1940’s. PROTECTOLUBE® 4000 is a multifunctional penetrating lubricant. PROTECTOLUBE® 4000 cleans as well as lubricates.

Organic acids are neutralized and oxidation is stabilized. Although invented in the 40’s, it contains the latest technologies in its formulation.

PROTECTOLUBE® 4000 is recommended for use in absorbing moisture, removing carbon, gum, sludge and varnish deposits, and penetrating rusted bolts or applied as a superior rust preventative on boats, ships, off-road machinery, farm implements, firearms, fertilizer storage and application equipment and many other similar uses. Do not store in temperatures above 120°F.

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