555 Armor Plate w/ Moly-D Open Gear Lubricant

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Armor Plate with Moly-D EP Open Gear Lubricant is a metallic green adhesive grease which provides complete protection and lubrication for all exposed gears, cables, guide rails, flanges, fifth wheels, and virtually any type of equipment in any exposed environment or frictional load carrying capacity.

Through the use of the highest quality components, ease of application, versatility, and long-lasting protective features are obtained, making Armor Plate the ultimate open gear lubricant.


  • Underwater Lubrications
  • Jackup Grease (racks & pinions)
  • Dragline Boom and Reduction Gears
  • Dragline Walk Shoe Guides
  • Dragline Sliding Shoe Wear Plate
  • Dragline Walking Cam Bushings and Pivots
  • Exposed Flanges, Cables, Chains, Gears
  • Fifth Wheels
  • Almond Shaker Pads
  • Underwater Drilling Rig Cables
  • Dam Floodgate Devises
  • Dipper Sticks on Shovels
  • Walking Beams and Jackposts on Drilling Rigs
  • Elevator Cable Car and Counterweight Guide Rails
  • Drilling Perforating Gun Holes (plug up to protect charges)
  • Glass Machinery Lubrication Near Molten Glass
  • Paper Mill Lubrication
  • Kiln Bearings
  • Steel Mill Lubrication (coke oven doors, cooling bed bearings)
  • Power Shovels (rack and pinion, swing gear, and pinion and hoist gear of shovel)

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