5757 Premium Winter Klenz ID Fuel Additive w/ Ice Check

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Winter Klenz ID 5757 is a Premium Select ™ winterized PDA which imparts high performance qualities to diesel fuel.

WKID 5757 was engineered to eliminate injector problems associated with today’s HPCR engines, enhance many other qualities of fuel and may be used in traditional diesel engines. WKID 5757 provides “Premium Diesel Fuel” qualities to ULSD in terms of deposit control, corrosion, filter blocking tendency (FBT), lubricity, low temperature operability and cetane number. Its effective anti-gel component greatly improves cold temperature performance.

Ice CheckTM provides additional winter protection against freezeups. In addition WKID 5757 contains Xtreme Torque® a powerful cetane improver, for quicker cold starts and a maximum boost in power and performance and vastly superior IDID clean / keep clean additives.


WKID 5757 is an extremely versatile product that can be used in a wide range of effective treatment ratios from an economical 1:2000 to 1:500 for cleaning and maximum performance benefits or for non-responsive or poor quality diesel fuels.

WKID 5757 is recommended for ULSD. Use at 1:1000 for enhanced DW-10 (CEC F-98-08)/XUD-9 (CEC F-23-01) performance in suitable diesel fuels and optimal overall performance in most applications including lubricity in kerosene.  

Use at 1:500 for IDID DW-10C (CEC F-110-16(S)) performance, outstanding XUD-9 (CEC F-23- 01) performance, to clean and prevent carboxylate and sticky IDID or to achieve specific target criteria in certain fuels.

WKID 5757 is recommended for use at 1:1000 in biodiesel blends B6 through B10. Use at 1:500 in B11 through B20.

Treat rates as low as 1:2000 may be used to provide significant enhancement of all properties in responsive fuels.

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