777 Syn-O-Gen Synthetic Grease w/ Moly-D / NLGI #0

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Syn-O-Gen Multi-purpose Synthetic Grease is formulated with 100% pure synthesized hydrocarbon basestocks to impart its remarkable properties. Superior lubricating properties coupled with extremely low pour point and extremely high temperature oxidation and thermal stability produce a grease that is unmatched in performance for numerous applications. These basestocks are compounded with special thickeners and additives which in addition, make Syn-O-Gen non-melt, tacky, and water washout resistant, with outstanding extreme performance, rust and corrosion protection.  

An operating temperature range of -40º F to 550ºF is where Syn-O-Gen Synthetic Grease excels. With mineral oil based greases typically covering a temperature range of 0ºF to 300ºF, the extra versatility of this special grease is apparent. Syn-O-Gen No. 777 has excellent load carrying abilities and is exceptional for use in high speed bearings.


  • Foundries
  • Military equipment
  • Arctic service
  • Bearings in freezers
  • High Speed Bearings
  • Centralized lubrication systems
  • Brick and tile kilns
  • Lithographic ovens
  • Plywood dryers
  • Glass forming equipment
  • Tire companies
  • High temperature, severe service disc brakes
  • Hard to reach bearings

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