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884 Air Line Oil is a pneumatic tool lubricant formulated for both reciprocating and rotary air tools. In rotary vane tools, excellent lubrication is provided to air motor vanes, cylinders and bearings. 884 Air Line Oil prevents wear with the proper additives to provide:\

  • Continuous lubrication
  • Anti-friction
  • Extreme pressure protection
  • Rust protection
  • Corrosion prevention
  • Resistance to water washing
  • Adherence to wet surfaces

884 Air Line Oil is also best suited for percussive tools, which requires a light oil with the least amount of fluid friction. Oil flow rate should be controlled to show a light oil film when exhaust from the tool is allowed to impinge on a clean surface.

In operation, air tools may develop a considerable temperature difference between head and exhaust section. Expanded exhaust air may reach -18°C, and 884 will remain sufficiently fluid to prevent obstruction.


  • Rotary Vane Tools
  • Drills
  • Grinders
  • Pumps
  • Percussive Tools
  • Chippers
  • Clay Spades
  • Pavement Breakers

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