MP8 Microbicide - Priority for bulk & long term fuel storage applications- HAZERDOUS FREIGHT

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Serious microorganism control requires an exceptional microbicide – MP8. Microbicide MP8 kills bacteria and fungi in a number of industrial applications which normally require different products. MP8 is quick, effective and economical.


Crude and Refined Fuel Oils:

Use in olefinic, aromatic, paraffinic and naphthenic oils as an oil-soluble preservative during bulk storage. Use to eliminate or prevent growth of microorganisms in distillate and residual fuels including gasoline, #1 diesel, #2 diesel and Bunker C, where such fuels are used in bulk storage tanks, locomotives, boats and ships, farm equipment, construction equipment, and diesel generators.

Drilling Fluids:

Use to stabilize several types of drilling fluids and muds used in drilling of wells where such fluids are subject to microbiological degradation.

Petroleum Secondary Recovery:

Use to control slime-forming bacteria and other problem-causing microorganisms in floods, waterdisposed systems, and other oilfield water systems.

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